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Take your team from “What’s Tableau?” to “Tableau Pro”.

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We Specialize in Tableau Training

You’ve purchased Tableau and need to get your team up to speed quickly.  That’s our specialty.  We teach companies and classes of all sizes to help people maximize their investment in Tableau.

We know you want to get the insights from your data that Tableau offers, but everyone is busy, and people don’t have time to learn it on their own. We can help.

With 2 to 4 dedicated days of training, we can help your staff move from “What’s Tableau” to “Tableau Pro”.  And we can do it on your timeframe, onsite or virtually, and at reasonable rates.

Our trainings focus on 3 core skills:

  • Understanding Tableau’s functionality and interface
  • Becoming a better data analyst
  • Presenting insights in a way that drive action


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