About Us

Who We Are

We have been long term users of Tableau.  Our experience spans a variety of industries and domains, and we employ our skills as trainers and consultants.  We’re passionate about helping people find relevant insights in their data that improve decision making and achieve results.  See our bios below:

Ryan Nokes has been using Tableau for over 10 years.  As an early adopter of the software, he has evolved with it.  Ryan has used Tableau in a variety of different industries, including telecom, banking, and e-commerce.  And he has used it for a variety of different departments, including marketing and sales, operations, customer support, and at the C-Suite level.  Ryan is the author of the book Tableau like a Pro and holds the Tableau Qualified Associate certification.


Mikhail Christiansen has been tackling complex problems in the areas of design, code, and calculation for many years. He is fanatical about Tableau because of its unique ability to provide customized solutions that take organizations to a whole new level of usability and interactivity. He has used and trained on Tableau in several industries including government, non-profits, banking, and insurance. Mikhail holds the Tableau Qualified Associate certification.



What Makes Us Different

There are a number of reasons that set us apart from other Tableau training companies or from Tableau itself.

  1. Original curriculum.  Our course curriculum was developed from years of working with Tableau “in the trenches” and is designed to get students building quickly and up-to-speed as fast as possible.  At the end of the course, students will know how to use the techniques that we, as consultants and trainers, use on a daily basis.  Other firms tend to use Tableau’s curriculum and haven’t customized it based on typical daily applications.
  2. Onsite or Virtual delivery.  Some companies will only offer onsite trainings.  We can do both to meet your needs and budget.
  3. Very competitive prices.  We have structured our business with extremely low overhead, so we are able to charge less than many firms.
  4. Consultants as trainers, not “junior employees” or “on the bench employees” as trainers.  We set aside time for each of our Tableau certified consultants to come and train.  As such, we can tackle any question your students have.  We know Tableau inside and out.  So, by bringing your business or industry-specific questions, we often provide free consulting while we are there, and can help your staff get what they need.
  5. Hands-on instruction and practice exercises. We know that the only way to truly learn something is to do it.  Students follow along with the instructor and then work practice exercises on their own to reinforce concepts and learning.  Students often say this is valuable to them and helps them feel like they can now use their software on their own.


Bonus: We Can Customize Training to Your Data and Needs.  A lot of organizations want a curriculum that is customized to their data.  We’ll meet with you, discuss your needs, and offer an option to then apply our skills and background to create custom training and practice exercises based on your data.  Students walk out with dashboards that can be immediately used by the business, translating into immediate ROI. It’s a relatively low cost option to receive the consulting help you need to jumpstart your team, project, and use of Tableau. 

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