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Training for teams of 2+ people

Let Us Flatten Your Learning Curve

You’ve purchased Tableau and need to get your team up to speed quickly.  That’s our specialty.  We teach tableau classes to companies of all sizes to help people maximize their investment in Tableau.


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 What We Offer

We know you want to get the insights from your data that Tableau offers, but everyone is busy, and people don’t have time to learn it on their own. It can be a lot of work to find all the right resources and sort through blogs, videos, and tutorials to learn the skills you need. We can help and reduce your learning time and get you building and finding actionable insights in a mere 2 days. 

With 2 to 4 dedicated days of Tableau training, we can help your staff move from “What’s Tableau” to “Tableau Pro.” And we can do it on your time frame, on-site or virtually, and at reasonable rates. We also offer classes in Advanced Tableau topics, as well as intensive analytical skills. We can also customize a class to your needs based on skill level and areas of focus.

See our course syllabuses:


Tableau Analyst
Tableau Like a Pro
Ninja Analyst
(Elite Analytics Skills)


By working with an instructor learners are able to get specific answers to specific questions or challenges you are facing in your company’s use of Tableau. These sessions can be taught using a standard training data set, or can be customized to work with your data. Customized classes move you even further along the learning curve, and you’ll leave with working dashboards and understand more about your business than you knew was possible from your data. 

Onsite classes are usually preferred for larger groups, while virtual classes work great for small groups,  but we can discuss your particular team’s needs and propose an appropriate training solution.

When training a single employee, sometimes joining a small community class can be a great approach to meet your needs. These classes are instructor led and use a standard data set for general Tableau learning.


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Why We Are Different

Our curriculum is unique and has been developed by us as a result of 10+ years of daily use across a variety of industries. It includes instruction to follow along with the instructor, as well as practice exercises to be worked individually in class.

We offer the option to customize your training with YOUR data. 

  • Since we wrote the curriculum we can adjust the it to meet your specific needs.
  • Instructor becomes familiar with your data prior to your training dates.
  • Students will spend less time “translating” their new skills from generic data to their company data.
  • Instructor is able to spend time working with you on your own data, guiding you to seamless integration, effective analysis, and effortless reporting.
  • Companies walk out with useful Tableau visualizations in just two days, and an understanding of how to build, create, and modify the dashboards as needs change.
  • We can also add an additional day of “workshopping” with your data to get your team rolling faster with their new skills.
  • Students will be learn just how much insight is waiting to be discovered in the data when you have the right tools and skill. 


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Course Format

Our classes are typically 2 days of hands-on instruction delivered live in a virtual environment or onsite classroom. Each student uses their own computer to follow along and work practice exercises to reinforce concepts and allow for exploration of the software. The instructor can answer questions as they arise throughout the learning process.

Our trainings focus on 3 core skills:

  • Understanding Tableau’s functionality and interface
  • Becoming a better data analyst
  • Presenting insights in a way that drive action


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 Benefits of training with us:

  • Live instructor to answer your questions
  • Training can be customized to your data giving you insights you can act on immediately
  • Learning curve is significantly reduced and your team leaves all on the same page
  • Focused not only on how to use Tableau technically, but how to be a better, more insightful analyst
  • Training is exclusive to your team or company only

Ready to Train Your Team?

We follow a process to help you determine how to meet your training needs:

  • Plug your needs into our calculator and a calculated price will be sent to your email
  • We’ll have a 30 minute no obligation informational call
  • Determine your initial needs, class size, and final pricing
  • Answer any questions you’ve got
  • Send you a written proposal for you to review



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