Our Process

From consultation to delivery day, our focus is on you.

Determining the Right Fit

You want to make sure you’ve got the right trainers to help maximize your investment in Tableau.

So, we follow a process to help you determine if we’re the right fit.

  1. We have a 30 minute no obligation informational call.
  2. We determine your initial needs, class size, location, and discuss pricing.
  3. We’ll answer any questions you’ve got.

Determining the Level of Customization

The next step is to determine if you want customized training based on your data or standard training.

  1. If you want standard training (non-customized), we’ll coordinate schedules, set a date, and come to your office to deliver the training.
  2. If you want custom training, we’ll set up a second call to review your data.
  3. You send us a data file for us to work with and prep your training.  This could be a Tableau file, a csv, or some other format.
  4. We’ll tailor all of the practice exercises to your data that your team and staff will work when we are together.  We’ll ensure key things that are of the most importance to you and your company are covered in detail.

Delivering the Training Itself

  1. The morning of, we’ll arrive 30 mins early for set up.
  2. We take short breaks every 60 to 90 minutes to help the class avoid mental fatigue.  This ensures they absorb more of the training.
  3. The class will build right along with us throughout the training.  It’s extremely hands on.
  4. We’ll tackle any question your team has.  We mix in some video clips and examples out there to provide them with inspiration and help them be better analysts.
  5. Virtual classes follow the same format, but are led by the instructor via a screen share program.


  1. Each class member will keep a copy of the class textbook that can be used as a reference to answer many questions.
  2. Any question any student has post-training, we’re happy to answer at no additional cost. We’re available via email or phone.
  3. When you want us to do further training, customization, or consulting, we’re pleased to discuss that.


  1. Pricing is based on number of students and number of days of training. Call for a custom quote.

After 2 days of training, your team will know Tableau at a much deeper level and you will be getting insights that you need.  If we customized your training, you will also walk away with working dashboards and insights customized to your needs that you can use immediately.  It’s like hiring a trainer and a consultant for the price of one.


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