Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

“Ryan is a terrific trainer and has extensive knowledge of Tableau and techniques that we could use to leverage Tableau along with internal enterprise tools to make our dashboards more efficient.  He has also been continually engaged with us to aid us in using Tableau to it’s full extent.”

— Rachel
Delta Air Lines

“Ryan is extremely well versed in tableau. His mastery and understanding makes him easy to follow no matter your competency level in the program. I appreciate most how he explains the tool by using the data you provide to him. This allows you to challenge the nature of the tools findings and refining the reports to your individual needs.”

— Clark
Five Star Painting

“Ryan is a phenomenal instructor in Tableau. He really understands the program, its capabilities, how to create insightful visuals and perform analytics. He can tailor his content to our needs and requirements. He has a detailed book that goes from basics to advanced topics and really makes learning this software accessible.”

— Stuart
Triple A

“Ryan is a very engaging instructor and very easy to learn from. He took the time to find out what we wanted to get out of the class and made sure he covered it for us.”

“Ryan kept our attention, class was very informative, answered all of our questions and ensured everyone had what they needed.”

— Lisa & Cyndie
City of Columbus, Ohio

“Ryan is an excellent Tableau trainer. Not only does he make sure he understands what his students are asking, but he always take the time to thoroughly explain everything to make sure his students understand.”

— Elizabeth
Delta Air Lines

“I had the pleasure of having Ryan as an instructor for beginning through advanced Tableau. He’s very patient and his knowledge base is endless! I learned a lot and highly recommend him for all your Tableau needs!”

— Lori