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Virtual Small Community Classes

What We Offer

We offer a beginner class if you are just getting started and want a basic understanding of how to use the tool.  We offer an advanced class if you have the fundamentals down and want to become a more expert user.  We also offer a class that teaches you how to be a world-class data analyst to help you contribute more meaningful insights to your employer.

See our course syllabuses:


Tableau Analyst
Tableau Like a Pro
Ninja Analyst
(Elite Analytics Skills)


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Why We’re Different

  • We wrote and use our own curriculum based off of 10+ years of daily use in a variety of industries
  • Live instructor to answer questions and ensure understanding
  • Real-time feedback
  • Practice exercises to help reinforce concepts
  • Tips and strategies on how to stand out to employers and get noticed by recruiters


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Course Format

We offer 2 day, hands-on, instructor led courses. These classes are typically delivered virtually to a small group of 3-6 like-minded students. Classes are capped at 6 students to ensure each student is able to get individualized attention from the instructor.

On occasion, a company is looking to train a single employee and the general group class is not the right fit for their needs. We’d be happy to talk to you about your training goals, and find the right fit. We can customize the training environment to best suit your circumstances.

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Return on Investment

As one of the fastest growing skills desired in today’s job market, spending the time and money to learn Tableau will put you a step ahead in your career and in your job search. An investment in yourself is an investment in your career and in your future.

Are You Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?


Personalized Training with a Live Instructor for only $699!



Note: Many employers will pay for or reimburse you as this skill directly benefits the company. If needed, we can send them a receipt for your training.

We understand this may feel expensive at first glance, but we are passionate about the value of a good analyst and strive to make it more affordable to further your skills compared to many other training companies. Benefits of training with us:

  • Curriculum is focused on being a great analyst with Tableau, rather than simply knowing the features of Tableau.
  • Practical approach to creating charts by asking a business question that parallels with the data you work with daily.
  • Progresses logically through the features of the software while tailoring the instruction to your industry.
  • The class sizes are kept to a maximum of six people which is as or more effective than a larger class held in a physical location due to the individualized attention we can provide you.

Have a question or don’t see the class you were looking for? Drop us a line or request a class.